Weird Amalgamation
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Weird Amalgamation

November 14, 2020
January 11, 2021

For its inaugural exhibition, Goodluckhavefun presents “Weird Amalgamation” by two Texas artists, Alexander Squier and Carl Vestweber. Through the mediums of mixed media, painting, and printmaking, these two artists depict a strange, otherworldly Texas.

Both artists use the formal language of landscape painting and reinterpret it in a number of unusual ways. The work in this exhibition is unified by a collage mentality and approach. This show will also include a series of collaborative works that the artists will work on together in the time leading up to the exhibition. Additionally, there will be an artist's dialogue conducted between the two artists and a video filmed of the exhibition.

LAKES exhibition installed in GLHF gallery, march 2021

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About the artist(s)

Alexander Squier


In his paintings and prints of uncanny architectural and natural spaces, Alexander Squier takes us into a realm where human interaction with the environment is challenged and questioned. Plants, cacti, forests, and other elements spill out and over human built structures, asking us to consider the cycle of construction and destruction that we participate in, voluntarily or involuntarily. Squier's subjects range from the abstract to the realistic to the imagined, but this varied approach is centered around ideas regarding monuments, memories, and the lasting impact we have on our environment.

Carl Vestweber


Carl Vestweber is an artist working primarily with collage and mixed media. Born in Mason City, Iowa, Vestweber attended the art program at South Texas College before receiving his Master’s of Fine Arts from SMFA/Tufts in 2013. Vestweber has been exhibiting his artwork in Texas since 2004. Currently based in McAllen, Vestweber teaches a variety of studio art and art history classes at UT Rio Grande Valley and other schools in the area.

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